Wednesday, January 9, 2008

gym update

You are wondering how the gym is going, right? You want to know if I have stuck to my new year's resolution and used that damn membership I bought.

Yes, it is being used and I am a happier person.

I have gone nearly everyday since I first signed up (minus this past Sunday-Tuesday when I was inflicted by the most annoying cold).

I continue to have a love affair with the treadmill.

My ipod is broken (grrrr....) but I can still listen to music with my radio or watch tv with my headphones. I hope to have it fixed soon or I'll get another one.

I have complimented by the manager of the gym today when he said he has noticed me coming all the time and I look happier, he could tell by the expression on my face. :)

I don't want to jinx myself with this but I have seemed to have gotten rid of four pounds since the new year.

On the down note- my shins are killing me and I am reminded of how one needs to build up tolerance to running. I may be overdoing it since it has been so long since I have followed my running routine but I just love it too much to slow down.


Martha said...

Yay you. You are kicking ass. Keep it up!!!!!!!!

Winbrooke said...

GOOD FOR YOU! and 4lbs! That is GREAT! really really great. you go Girl! how nice of the gym manager to say something to you. I like that kind of validation :)

Jenna said...

run a few miles for me!!! Way to go, I lack motivation!You continue to amaze me!