Friday, January 4, 2008

141 posts!

I have blogged over 140 posts! I have more than 150 if you count those in the editing stage. I started this one a while ago...

In honor of my blogging habit I'm going to attempt to write over 100 trivial posts about me, in no particular order. For this list I promise that I will not write anything about my children. This is hard. I love my babies. And, in fact, I define myself in their existence. I am a mother of twins. However, I will try to stick with personal facts, quirks and truths. Katie, Melissa, Jenna, Brooke and my other blogging friends: I dare you to do the same (wink).

1. I have a worm phobia. This encompasses creatures that resemble worms too (ie, snakes, slugs, eels and the like). I don't like seeing them in real life or in pictures. My heart races and my breath becomes shallow.
2. I don't love movies. And I don't really like comedies.
3. I love books. I love the written word. I love reading and writing. One day I will write a book.
4. I've run two marathons (Vancouver and San Diego) and three half marathons (Vancouver and 2 times in Seattle)
5. I'm a slow runner but, when in shape, I can run for a long time.
6. I have three tattoos and would like another in order to commemorate my babies.
7. I dye my hair and have been doing so since I was 14.
8. I don't have a strong father figure in my life.
9. I have always struggled with my weight and have dabbled in eating disorders in the past. I prefer to be larger and eating well and exercising than starving myself.
10. I love eating out at restaurants. See #9
11. I don't like massages. I'd rather have acupuncture done. Or, my teeth cleaned. I like having my teeth cleaned.
12. I'm addicted to the Internet.
13. I use to be a retail manager and worked in the mall for many many sad years.
14. High school was a bad time for me. I much preferred college.
15. I like math. I never did it well but as I am older now, I like math. I like the challenge of finding the right answer.
16. I speak French.
17. I love French music. Particularly Jacques Brel.
18. When I started college I was a theatre major and an art minor. My first semester I got a D in theatre and a C in art. Needless to say, I dropped that area of study.
19. I've attended 6 colleges: Western Michigan University, Grand Rapids Community College, College of San Mateo, Seattle Central Community College, University of Washington, L'Universite de Poitiers, France, University of Washington (graduate degree). It took me ten years to finish college. I finished with honors though.
20. I love reality TV.
21. I don't like playing sports.
22. I'm not a team player. I'd rather do things alone and my way.
23. I miss working out at the gym. I love to run on the treadmill.
24. I always wanted twins.
25. I met my husband in September '96. We married November '03.
26. I love prime numbers. My anniversary is 11.7.03
27. I like conducting research and cherish my time at the Gottman Lab, enough to return to it.
28. I'm a teacher. I teach elementary special ed. I taught French to adults. I don't really like teaching French to kids.
29. I'm afraid of monsters, scary movies, and people chasing me.
30. I love flowers, but hate gardening. It is the worm thing, see #1.
31. I wish I knew how to take really good pictures but I don't want to take the time to learn.
32. My best friend is Martha. She lives in San Diego. We have been friends a long long time and still have oodles in common.
33. I want to be pregnant again.
34. I love candy. I love most sweets. I love baked goods.
35. I'm addicted to coffee.
36. I don't smoke but I use to. I wish I never had.
37. I have a lot of hair on my head. Too much for my liking.
38. I love children more than I like pets or animals.
39. I hate pet hair. I like most dogs but I'm not a big fan of the ones with 'fur', think poodle. I prefer short hair, think lab.
40. I don't like zoos because animals in cages make me sad.
41. I cry easily at human misery.
42. I have lived in three states, Michigan, California and Washington.
43. I love Seattle and never truly want to leave.
44. I don't know how to swim. I can float and dog paddle but I cannot really swim. Hence, I will never do a triathlon.
45. I don't like to ride bikes. I prefer my feet on the ground, as oppose to being on a bike or skateboard.
46. I'm fascinated by sharks.
47. I'm horrible at decorating.
48. I'm an optimist, a half-full kind of person.
49. A have PCOS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or at least I use to before I was pregnant.
50. I have Hypothyroidism
51. I take medication for both of those conditions listed above, as well as something for post partum depression.
52. I have a LOT of good girl friends!
53. I tend to resent people who have a lot of money. Residual negative feelings from my youth.
54. Fall is my favorite season.
55. Spring is a close second.
56. I love Christmas. I use to hate it and now I think it is so wonderful.
57. I use to hate Thanksgiving. Michael and I called it "Thankstaking Day" because of the pilgrims and the Native Americans. Two years ago I found out I was pregnant the day before Thanksgiving- now I like the day.
58. I lived in France for four months and have spent a lot of time in Holland. I love Holland and I think France is pretty but only so so compared to Holland.
59. I dream of living abroad (see #58) for a little while.
60. I'm tempted to go for a PhD in education. After receiving my Masters it didn't seem like enough, even though I know it is.
61. I have lived in Seattle longer than any other place.
62. I will be 36 in June. I don't think I ever expected myself to get so old.
63. I have never attended a high school reunion. I don't want to.
64. I drive a minivan and love it.
65. I always wanted to go to Africa. I want to less now but still a little bit.
66. I have experienced infertility and it is the worst pain I have ever known. I have numerous friends who have dealt with and are dealing with infertility and my heart breaks over and over for them.
67. I love Disneyland and can't wait to bring my children there.
68. I hate Ikea but continue to go there. growl.
69. I love avocados. I think they may be the perfect food.
70. I don't like eating chickens but I love watching real life chickens. I think they are hilarious.
71. I'm mostly a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for much of my young life and only recently branched out to fish, chicken and such. No cows.
72. My sister and I played with dolls and Barbies until we were at least 10.
73. I have a "thing" for Harry Potter.
74. I wish I could do Yoga well. I feel intimidated by it.
75. I would love to be trained by Jillian or Bob from the Biggest Loser. I love how they kick so much ass!
76. I have been tweezing my eye brows forever but they are still hard to control.
77. I'm lucky to have blond facial and body hair. It doesn't show much.
78. I love numbers (did I mention this already) which is why I like using a treadmill- I like the feedback.
79. I love to graph things and see trends. A numbers feedback thing, I suppose.
80. I'm confused by death and have not figured out how to deal with it or what I believe.
81. I'm spiritual but not 'religious'- I have too many questions and not enough information.
82. I like the idea that God resides in us. That He has created us to live through. This feels better to me than the "Big Guy" in the sky metaphor.
83. I'm trying to wake up every morning and asking God for what I want. I read once that if we don't know what we want we will never get it.
84. I ask God for balance every morning. Balance in my heart. Balance in my body. Balance in my Mind.
85. I love my family more than anything else on the planet. I would do anything for them.
86. I would have no hesitation donating my organs to someone who needed them.
87. I'm a super talkative person.
88. It has taken me a long time to learn how to listen.
89. I'm a public school teacher.
90. I value the public school system and support it.
91. I think I want my children to go to private schools.
92. I don't let my kids play in ball pits (think McDonalds or Ikea). Michael and I call them breeding grounds for germs.
93. I always wished I was Jewish.
94. I wish I would have gone to medical school. I admire doctors greatly.
95. I can be happy with very little.
96. There are a few words in the English language that I hate so much I never say them. I cannot even write them here.
97. I say sofa instead of couch.
98. I cannot drink red wine, it gives me a serious headache.
99. I use to be lactose intolerant until I got pregnant, now I can have dairy.
100. I cannot think of 150 things more to write so I will stop here.

*Thanks, Sarah, for the idea ;)


Melissa said...

How fun! I really enjoyed reading about you! :) there is so much more to you than just being an awesome mom! Who knew! :P

Gosh I don't know if I can come up with 5 things about me anymore LOL, fun idea! :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

It's hard to come up with that much about yourself, isn't it? It's been awhile since I've done it.

I'm with you on the "Sofa" vs "Couch" thing - I always said Couch, til I started working in the furniture industry - and then somehow they look down their nose at you when you say "couch" - like a couch is some cheap cardboard box construction, but a sofa... now THAT is real furniture.

And the sweets and baked goods thing - ah - your mom has that too :) Me and my kids are always baking goodies and taking them over to her. Last week (week before?) was choco-nut something or others. YuummO.

Niki said...

Ha Ha Sarah, where do you think I get the sweet tooth from!? I've always blamed her for that! She and I are also not huge fans of protein (shrug).

BTW, my mom also says 'sofa' :)

Melissa, I don't know if it would be that hard for you, remember that lizard tattoo?!! :)

christie said...

I love it :), that was fun to read more about you.

jennbecc said...

I love #67 and agree with #70. They're hilarious!