Saturday, January 5, 2008

Merry Max

You have heard of "Merry Maids". I have a Merry Max. He loves to clean. I mean this kid loves to clean. Sometimes I think he makes a mess just so he can clean it up.

It started a while ago when he discovered the swiffer at a friend's house. He started swiffering and just couldn't stop. Unfortunately, we don't have enough flat floor surfaces to warrant buying a swiffer. He since has discovered our broom and has now stretched this into dusting cloths and cleaning rags.

Recently, however, Max discovered that baby wipes are great cleaning cloths. At restaurants Michael and I routinely wipe down the table and high chairs with antibacterial wipes since we do not want Madeleine to have an allergic reaction to remnants from another child's meal. Max has seen us do this and now requests his own wipe so that he may contribute.

At home I have seen him pulling wipes out of the container so that he may wipe down his little table. This is good, we encourage it. Now Max will purposefully spill water and then ask for a cloth to wipe it up. I obey.

Funny story:
The other day Max pulled out a snack cup full of goldfish crackers from my diaper bag which was sitting on the floor. He accidentally spilled a few crackers on the floor. No big deal. But, the next thing we noticed was that Max had the container of wipes out of the diaper bag and was pulling a few of them out. When I tried to prevent this from happening (remember the tissue incident?) Michael informed that Max was trying to clean the goldfish up. He had pulled out the wipes and was wiping the goldfish trying to get them off the floor! Clever little boy!

So, you ask, where is Madeleine in this equation? Well, let's just say she takes after her mom.


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Please send Max over - we'll pay minimum wage for him to swiffer our hardwoods and wipe down the high chairs!