Thursday, November 8, 2007

schedules, life and sleeping

What do you do the day after your anniversary, birthday, Christmas, fill in special day here.... It is just another day. Not that our anniversary was all that and a bag of chips. But, seriously, we are back to the routine, the schedule, our life. For what it is worth, Michael and I are 'going out' on our date night on Friday. Where? We don't know. If you have suggestions please comment below.

So today is Thursday. We have had our typical Thursday. A night of little sleeping and I wake up with a headache. Not that uncommon but less common than before kids (it's a long story but oddly enough I was allergic to dairy before pregnancy and do not seem to be anymore- who knew!). The babes and I take Michael to work. We search for something to do in the morning to exhaust the little rugrats, something that will cause sleepiness in the later morning. This will ensure a good nap and a fun day at school.

This morning I got a timely call from my dear friend asking for us to have a playdate. A sucker for non-planning, I oblige. The Ms loved playing with her son, T. In fact, I did very little parenting this morning as the babes played with T's toys and swapped water bottles, my friend and I caught up with each other (we haven't spent much time together in a while) whilst sipping coffee. Relaxing indeed.

At nap time (we left too late) we get in the minivan and make the 15 minute trek home. By the time we pull up in front of the building Max is sleeping soundly and Madeleine is making all the gestures that she too, is tired. I haul the kids up and miraculously Max remains sleeping. Madeleine, however, doesn't take her nap for another 45 minutes or so. grumble grumble. When she is ready she poops and cries as I change her dipe. Max wakes up and I soothe he and his sister back into slumber. Sounds good, eh?

Well, we are suppose to be at school at 12:30 (yep, prime time toddler nap!) As Madeleine falls asleep at 11:40 I'm going to venture to say that we are not going to make it to school. What am I crazy? To wake a sleeping toddler and drag two kids to the car? Sure, I'd like to have them go to school and get my bit of time to myself but honestly, with my headache, I'm not up to it.

It is 12:40 and they are still sleeping. We are not going to school today.

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Anonymous said...

hhaha~!! We are trying to do the playdate thing lately too, it doesn't always work out so well!! hehe