Saturday, November 24, 2007


We're back from vacation. We hope all of our friends and family had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and have started the holiday season well. I heard today that Hanukkah is on the 4th of December! Sucks to be Jewish this year! (just kidding, of course) that is very early- I'd be hard pressed to get my shopping done by that time.

On Monday we left for San Diego. We left early! Michael and I were up by 3:30 (actually I think Michael got up earlier than that!) and at the airport by 5:30. The kids did mostly well on the way there. The plane and all the people on it didn't cease to amaze them. Their favorite activity was standing on the tray table and looking over the seats. Although they didn't sleep as much as I would have liked them to (Max fell fast asleep as the plane touched ground) I cannot complain about the flight. That is until I discuss the ride home....

We went to see Auntie Martha and Uncle Ted, but the highlight was really their cousin Bailey, the dog.

Now, in this photo Bailey potentially looks like a big dog- at least he is shaped like one. He is not. He is the size of a new born baby, a very oddly shaped newborn baby. He came up mid-thigh to the babes and they thought that was the funniest damn thing ever! In fact, Madeleine could not stop repeating the word, "doggie" over and over and over. At one point we all thought she was referring to us and that our name was actually "doggie".

Mommy= doggie
Daddy= doggie
Uncle Ted=doggie
You get the idea.

We enjoyed many parts of San Diego, number one being Uncle Ted's and Aunt Marthie's awesome house! We touched every thing on our level. We dropped anything heavy that we could find on their wood floors. We dragged their fabulous rocking chair all over. We swiffered our tail off (if your name is Max). And, best of all, we fed the doggie everything! Bailey must still have the runs.

We visited the zoo and the beach. We ate ice cream and Uncle Ted's homemade apple pie. We drank from Auntie Marthie's cool water bottles and chased the dog till our legs couldn't run anymore!

Thanks, Martha and Ted, for a fabulous Thanksgiving and a wonderful vacation. It was great to see you. The Meyers' appreciate your hospitality!

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Holly Mead said...

Awww! Zach was obsessed with Bailey too! In fact, so was I!