Thursday, November 15, 2007


If I think back to what I have done in a year and a half time it is nothing compared to what my children have accomplished! Granted the last 17 months have been a whirlwind and we have all grown in the Meyers Family, both size wise for some of us (Max and Madeleine) and emotionally for others (Michael and myself). But what about before the babies' conception? What about from the time I was 23-24.5? Nothing much happened. I cannot even remember it!

However, in 17 months time my babies have learned to roll over, to crawl, to grab toys, to eat, to walk and now they are learning how to talk. Since Madeleine started to walk well she has made huge gains in the language department.

Madeleine says:

Baby (clearly)

Apple (Bapple)

Ball (clearly, it is her favorite word! Everything is a ball whether it is a real ball or a christmas ornament or even a pea- it is a ball)

Balloon (boon)

Book (boo)

Dog (clearly)

Duck (Dut)

This (Dis)

Binky (bee)

Stinky (anky)

Leaves (leeeesss)

Bath (Baa)

Mama (lovingly)

Dada (excitedly)

Bye (clearly)

Hi (enthusiastically)

No (dohhhh)

Max says:

Baby (

Apple (Aappol)


Book (boop)

Dog (clearly)

Duck (Duk)

This (Dis)

Shoes (soooos)

Binky (bimpy)

Yucky (acky)

Stinky (sinky)

Bath (Baa)

Diaper (iiper)

Uh- Oh (enthusiastically and clearly)

Mama (lovingly and a little whiny)

Daddy (excitedly and clearly)

Bye (clearly)

Hi (enthusiastically)

No (nooooo)

It is wonderful to be able to talk to your kids and have them talk back. I cannot wait for more.

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Melissa said...

How cool!! Isn't it exciting to see their sponge like brains absorb all this!! I'm amazed by it. I hope when Brandon gets walking he will start saying more too!