Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It is Michael and my four year anniversary today. We don't have pictures- we eloped. Pictures were taken on that cold day in the court room but we never got the film developed (blush). My memories of the day are better than any pictures I would see anyway. Here's how it worked:

November 3rd: Michael and I talked about how much we hated the wedding planning stuff. We talked about eloping and 'just doing it' and having our own special wedding day that was our secret.

November 5th: I called Michael at work to tell him that we could get married on Friday. They had an 'opening' at noon.

November 7th: I picked Michael up from work. We went to the court house and got married. We spent the night at the Four Seasons Hotel. We danced, ate chocolate covered strawberries, toasted with champagne, it was perfect.

June 19, 2004: We had our wedding ceremony. It was lovely but not as good as our actual special wedding day.

November 7, 2007: We have twins that we love more than anything (besides each other, of course). We are so happy to have our family and to be spending the rest of our days together.

Dear Michael,
Happy Anniversary. I love you more today than I ever have before. I love that you take care of me by doing the dishes and cleaning the house when I'm exhausted, like last night. I love that you remind me to eat during the day because you know that I am more likely to grab a cup of coffee and a scone. I love that you make me laugh at least once a day every day, like this morning in the car. I love that you love our babies as much as I do.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

I love you,

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Anonymous said...

awww!! Happy late anniversary!! What a beautiful tribute to you awesome DH!! Ya'll are SO cute!!!