Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have so much to write, so many updates. I will try to get video and photos up soon. It has been over a week since my last post and things do move quickly in the Meyers' house!

First update....
Max and Madeleine had their 15 month appointment yesterday. Here are the stats...


31 inches (45th percentile)

22 pounds, 6 ounces (23rd percentile)

(he has lost a bit of weight since his 12 month appointment)


31 inches (50th percentile)

21 pounds 12 ounces (45th percentile)

(this also might be slightly lower than her last weigh in as she doesn't have a foot any longer)

Twin Obsessions...

Max's new obsession is with books. He loves to read and constantly push books into my hands squeaking the word "eed eed eed". I really thought Madeleine would be the reader (because she is a girl? I don't know) but she loses interest in books quickly. Max could read for hours. He loves pointing to the pictures in the books and turning the pages. His current favorites: Goodnight Moon and Hand, Hands, Fingers, Thumb.

Madeleine's obsession is with shoes! She tries to put any shoe on her right foot. Funny that she never attempts to put one on her left leg. I caught her trying to get Michael's giant flip flop on her foot the other day! Unlike Max she doesn't say "shoe" she screams, a high pitched and urgent scream. Ah well, we will continue to work on language.

The twins don't actually say a lot these days. I'm on the look out for language delays because it is common in twins. Often twins will develop a "twin language" or talk for each other. Max is further along in speech than Madeleine. The pediatrician feels that this is due to Madeleine experiencing some 'trauma' that has delayed her language a bit. She said that she had a patient that was in a spica cast and she completely stopped talking for several months.

More (mah)
Milk (mih)
binky (bih)
read (eed)
juice (oose)
nah (haven't figure out what it means yet!)

aaah! (for everything!)
binky (inky)
rah (sound a dog makes)
oose (juice)

They are also learning to sign as that is what is encouraged at school. (Experimental Education Unit= EEU)

Motor Development:

walks well
walks backwards!
Falls often but picks himself up quickly!

Cruises without helper leg
Cruises with helper leg
stoops and recovers
'Bear Walks' with and without help leg
Can use a push toy to walk with helper leg or walks holding onto your hands
Stands alone with helper leg

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