Saturday, September 22, 2007

Helper Leg- up close and personal

The science of orthotics and prosthetics is amazing and unknown to most. Our prosthetist earns his pay over and over. I am charmed by Madeleine's helper leg that he hand crafted. I have come to see it affectionately as part of her. I think she is starting to see it as such too.

Lately I've noticed that it is not fitting as snug as it did two weeks ago. I called Greg he explained that this is normal. If you think of wearing a ring for a while it begins to mold to your finger, often leaving an impression and shrinking the tissue under it. The same concept applies to a prosthesis. We will see Greg on Monday to fix the fitting. I have a feeling that this will be a constant issue as Madeleine grows and changes.

The leg consists of a inner foam liner (seen at the top), and a hard outer part which fits over the foam liner. Greg made the foam liner and the hard outer leg. The foot is separate and ordered from an outside vendor.

Front view.

Close up of foot.

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