Sunday, September 9, 2007


No pictures today, I haven't downloaded them yet. I just wanted to write in and say that Madeleine is adjusting to the new leg. It is a process. She doesn't love it, she doesn't even like it but she will. Sometimes we can get her to forget she has it on. Michael and I are learning the fine art of baby distraction. We take the twins to the park, to the mall, to the restaurant, anywhere she will be able to forget about her predicament. If we are home she is stuck to me like glue as long as the helper leg is on. When we are out she may venture to explore with her brother.

It is a slow process. But one that she will not remember.

I went back to see Greg on Friday. He confirmed that I was putting the leg on right. He played with us and showed me how to encourage her to move, to sit, to crawl. He showed me what to look for in 'wrongness'. We have two different kinds of prosthesis socks right now, a one ply and a three ply. The leg volume will dictate which sock to you. It is all very complicated to the lay person.

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Sarah said...

Niki, it was great to run into you at UVillage the other day. Both babies looked wonderful, and Madeleine seemed to be cruising like a champ. Come to Thurs peps sometime, okay?