Sunday, June 6, 2010

The People at Target

Are you tired of me talking about Madeleine's leg and situation yet?

I was at Target the other day. Alone. Rare. But True for this day. I saw a family. They happened to be of Asian decent and this may or may not mean anything. Anyhoosies, they had two kids with them. Two little girls who seemed to be in the 'tween' years (10-13ish). One of the girls, the younger one, was walking funny. I noticed and thought nothing of it until I saw her again and got a better look. One leg was shorter than the other. The foot on the shorter leg was pointed and turned out. The calf on the the shorter leg was very very skinny.

I was looking at a child who had fibular hemimelia, uncorrected.

All I could think about was how this little girl's hips must have hurt. And how about the havoc on her back. I stay on the treadmill too long and my post twin hips are screaching in pain.

So, why would the family not correct? Why would the parents not either lengthen or amputate? These are both recognized treatments for fibular hemimelia. If she had already undergone a lengthening treatment she would have also been fitted with an AFO (ankle foot orthotic) or a shoe lift.

I honestly almost ran up to the mother and said, "that is fibular hemimelia! my daughter has it and you should see her run, skip, hop, ride, climb, swim etc." Perhaps if I had felt there wouldn't be a culture and/or language barrier I would have. Perhaps it is none of my damn business.

I don't know.


Betsy said...

Sigh. These last two posts really got me, Niki. You are one amazing woman. So strong. Would love to see you guys. I know it's been forever. Maybe over the summer? Funny how Babies R Us seems like a lifetime ago. :) xo

Kristina said...

It's so funny you write about this. On Saturday at the grocery store I saw a teen boy who had the same type of leg - shorter, foot pointed in and walked with a limp. I thought he did have FH and his parents didn't correct it. I felt so sad for him.

Jenna said...

Makes me sad to this of how this little girls life is and will always be.