Monday, June 21, 2010

Letter to Madeleine on Her Fourth Birthday

Dear Madeleine,

I cannot believe you are four! You have been waiting to be four for a long time now! Daddy and I keep telling you not to grow up to fast.

You came into this world with an agenda! That shock of blond hair and that fighting personality, we knew you were going to make the world stop and listen. You were born small and early but were such a strong little girl. I worried about you from the time of the pregnancy and I'll admit that from time to time I still worry, despite the fact that you continually show me there is nothing to worry about.

You amaze us everyday. You conquer challenges with such perseverance and force. This year your goal was to do the monkey bars at school. I think you were the first three year old to go all the way to the end of those bars!

You have also tried to spell and write your whole 9 letter name! You have done it! You have also learned to spell Mom, Dad, Zoo, Max and have memorized my phone number to boot! I love your spirit for learning new things. You are everything I wanted you to be, strong, smart, beautiful and nurturing. I'm so very proud of who you are.

Your favorites:

Toys= soccer balls, treadmill (seriously), bike, scooter

Activities= Biking, scootering, gardening, swimming

TV Shows: Caillou (still!), Kipper, Yo Gabba Gabba, Charlie and Lola

Movie= Shrek, Elf

What you want to be when you grow up: Rock Star, Hospital Worker (not sure if that means a doctor or a nurse or a prosthetist)

Places to go: Arboretum with Daddy, Zoo, Science Center, Logan's Pool, Gymnastics

Pretends to be: Teacher Tara, gymnast

Music: Justin Roberts, Caspar Babypants

Food: Macaroni and Cheese, hamburgers, pork, cherries, apple juice, donuts

I love you my sweet little girl, and I'm so proud of you,



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