Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sing a Song

When my mother was here she noticed something that I have taken for granted.... My kids sing. They sing constantly. They sing everything. The love songs and they remember them and sing them, all the time. They have their favorites and sometime they have one favorite for a few weeks. When Grandma was here they sang "ABCs" a lot. The runner up was "Wheels on the Bus". When this video was taken "Happy Birthday" was the favorite.

We were at the zoo and Max and Madeleine found cones that had been used for something previously. They decided they were perfect party hats.

Here's a few pictures that were taken on the same day:

Playing in the shrubs at the zoo. Seriously, who needs animals when you have shrubs?
Max explaining to me the virtues of a weed.
Madeleine telling me that she doesn't need to see anymore animals, thank you.


Lizzie said...

How cute are their little American accents!!!

Martha said...

OMG... Hilariously cute...

Niki said...

Lizzie, how funny to think that my kids have ACCENTS! I'm sure I would think the same of your little girls. I LOVE the new zealand accents :)