Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The aftermath

Successful weaning. It has been one week and four days since the Ms last nursing. My boobs seriously ached for an entire 9 days. God, I had no idea how much of my milk they were actually getting. I have to say that by and large they have done very well with the weaning endeavor. They have fallen into other healthy habits as an exchange for their favorite comfort item (i.e., my boobs). They have taken to drinking cow's milk. Something they never ever would do before. They like it with chocolate- who doesn't? They eat a great breakfast now and usually wake up quite hungry. They enjoy a good snuggle as opposed to grabbing my shirt and asking for milk.

In the process they have uttered the most precious phrases ever! I am writing them here because I never want to forget what they have said. And, I want to be able to remind them when they are teenagers that they actually said these words aloud.

I want Milky
I want the other side
I want to trive (try) it.
Just a sip.
Just a little bit.
I can be a baby too.
Mommy's boobies are so nice and soft.... so soft.
Milky is put away now.

Milky all done.
Max is a big kid, have cow's milk now.
I want to touch the boobs now, mommy.
Put a hand there?
Rub mommy's belly now.
Milky put away.

Migraine: still there after trying several different kids of meds. I'm on something now that I take daily that is suppose to help alleviate the pain. The pain cycles through different degrees of intensity but is always present.

Boobs: so soft and small now. Actually quite nice to have the girls back to their normal size. The shape has changed a bit though, ehem.

Me: It is nicer than I thought to be a non-nursing mother. I was sad for a few days but only because of the nostalgic reminder that my babes are kids now and their needs have changed.


Jenna said...

Great job Niki!!! We also haven/t nursed in over a wekk, we talk lots of madeleine and max, and baby Hayden. It is so ncie to just rock and snuggle!!! Way to go.

Betsy said...

Oh N--I so totally get it. It was sooo tough for me to stop nursing. Cried and cried, sore boobs, etc. But, the ladies and I got over it, eventually. Your post made me weep in remembrance, however....:( I'm so sorry to hear about the migraines. Crossing my fingers this new med works!

Lizzie said...

Way to go Niki, what a fantastic start for the two M's! I also breastfed my two, to about 18 months and I also thought I would miss it, but I think that lasted for about two days!
Hope things work out for the migraines....