Friday, September 26, 2008

Dude, where have you been?

Seriously, have my readers missed me? Missed pics of my kids? Wondered what happened?

Hmmm, where do I start???

I quit my job:

I foolishly took a very part time job in a high school this year. I will give you my reasons for taking it and my reasons for leaving it.

Taking it:

I want to keep my foot in Seattle Public School's door.
I am curious about high school special ed.
I have a grant I need to pay back with service.
I can call myself a public school teacher and have a Seattle schools email account, title etc.
I can keep my self 'fresh' on new policy and professional development.

Leaving it:

I was asked to work too many hours, way above my contract.
The administration were micromanagers.
The sped team was grouchy and a real pain in the ass to work with.
I missed my kids.
The money was sooooo not worth the work.

Reason #2 for being away...

My mom was here. Or should I say, Grandma. She was here for about a week and we were so so busy that I had no time to post. Can I just say that my mom is the best Grandma a kid could ever have?

It was so fantastic to have my mom here to help out. Michael and I were amazed at how much we could get done while she played with the kids. The Ms were crazy for her! I mean, who wouldn't be, if you got candy and presents for just being you! She played and read stories and chased them around the house nonstop. When they asked to play with Playdough right before dinner, she said, Sure! When they wanted to paint, she said, Okay! When they asked for more candy she said, Why not? I'll join you!!!

The kids impressed her with their potty prowess, their enormous repertoire of songs and their sheer cuteness. And, they worked her like only a grandchild can. When they needed to go to bed they asked for one more story, one more hug, one more snuggle. She gave in.

As an adult I enjoy my mother. We get along well and have similar taste in things. We like to shop, to stop for ice cream, to drink wine and chat. I sincerely wish she lived closer. Tonight the kids were in the bathtub doing things my mom taught and encouraged them to do. Madeleine said, "Mommy, Grandma doos that, member?" [Grandma does that, remember?] And then Max said affectionately, "I want more Grandma, Mommy". Over the weekend we reminisced about Grandma and the kids told me that Grandma was going to come on a Big Airplane and bring more candy. Ha Ha.

Number 3 reason I have been away:

When my mom was here we went to see my sister. I haven't spent time with her in many many years. I haven't seen her 15 year old son in many many years. She now lives close enough for a quarterly visit. Here's what I noticed about my sis... she looks older as I'm sure I do. She is just as pretty as she always was. She is smart and funny. She is a good mom. She keeps a tidy house. I wish we had more time together.

Here's what I noticed about my 15 year old nephew: He is bright and congenial. He is easy to chat with and NOT socially awkward. He is a cutie pie! He seems like the kind of kid I would have hang out with if we were in the same generation; he likes to skate, to play music, to have deep thoughts, and he has a pretty good style for a teenager.

Thank you Wendy, Craig and Chance for your hospitality!

Number 4 reason I haven't written in awhile:

Madeleine had her dreaded sleep study last week. It sucked. I will have to write later a play by play of the night. I don't feel like reliving it here.

  • Let us just say that it is the most 'non-natural' sleep environment.
  • Madeleine hated it and was scared.
  • I doubt they got any information.
  • I'm glad I did it because if I didn't I would have always wondered.

Okay, you are all caught up now. I will post a few pictures soon.


Sarah said...

We missed your posts... and we missed your mom, lol! I've heard all about the smart, beautiful kiddos you have : ) sounds like you're doing an amazing job with them! She keeps saying, "They're so smart!"

Hey. You know, you should buy the house next door to me. I'd love to see that guy go... and then you'd be closer to your mom. Think about it.

twin power mommy said...

Actually, we DID miss you.
I just figured you were busy with life.

Times get that way this time of year.

It seems the days go by in a blur and before you know it, January is already here.

It's great that your kids have such a wonderful grandma! Glad you all got to spend time together!

Katie said...

Yay! A post! You HAVE been busy... but it sounds like most of what you have been doing is fun.

Niki said...

Sarah, I know my mom is convinced that my kids are smarter than any other kids (besides me and my sister. LOL) but seriously, they are not potty trained yet. Ha ha.

Aww, twin mommy, I missed you too. The days do go by so fast. It is times like these that I think I may want another baby.... You are my hero, you had twins and challenges and went for a third!