Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm happy to report through generous donations (both on the fundraising page and in person) we have met our fundraising goal and are going to camp!  We leave Monday.
The kids are thrilled, the parents have been making lists of things to bring!  See another post.

Here's the reason for this post:
I was googling my blog (by accident, really, I put it in google instead of the other bar thingy) and realized that people all over the country have been fundraising for me!  What?!  Madeleine's story has touched other people's lives and they working to help HER!  I'm so very blessed, touched, emotional, crying, incredulous, thankful. 

Three cheers for Emily at Insanity Rules, Kim at Never lose your sparkle, my friend, Terra at Capturing Sweet Memories and my friend Karla at Karla Petersen Photography
and all the other blogging mommas of kids who Madeleine has found in some way. I heart you and thank you. We are all connected.

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