Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 years old!

How is that possible?! Tomorrow is max and mad's 6th birthday. At this time 6 years ago I fell asleep at Swedish Hospital. I had been on bed rest for three weeks and was very much over it. I woke up to an explosion of fluid around two am. Max and Madeleine arrived at 5:59 and 6:00 am. My life has been changed forever and forever better. In my children I see the world. They are finished with kindergarten tomorrow. Sigh. It has been a difficult year. I wish I could report only positives but reality isn't like that. There is a combination, always. The positives : my kids are reading! And thriving in school. My kids love school They love each other They have friends They love school and their teachers! They are HEALTHY They are happy and fun. They are curious They are sporty They still cuddle with their mom :) As all kindergartners go through we have had ups and downs with friendships. One day a best Friend the next day not so much. Madeleine has had this intensified. Her leg is an anomaly and she has handled it with grace. I'm very proud of her and of max. How did I get so lucky!?

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