Sunday, October 14, 2012


As a child I didn't play sports. It wasn't a focus in our family. I'm not sure if we could afford it or not. I'm not sure if I was interested.  I liked riding my bike. I liked climbing trees. But I don't remember liking other activities.
Today I wouldn't say I'm 'sporty' although I enjoy moving my body. My colleagues play soccer, softball, basketball, etc. I know moms who belong to tennis clubs, elite gyms, yoga studios, running clubs.
I'm an independent.
I get up nearly every morning and run. I wake at 5:00 am and begin my run usually at 5:30. My marathon buddy runs with me as to keep me awake and moving. It is my therapy, my exercise, my routine.  If I'm not going for a run I'm doing a yoga video or wishing I was running.
I don't want to do anything else.

My children have been exposed to many possibilities. Some because I initiated (swimming) others because of PE at school (soccer and "toilet tag"...don't ask). I'm aware that some things I have pushed for. I want my kids to be runners. I want them to love running and the feeling it brings but they seem to see it as a mode of transportation... not joy. I signed them up for gymnastics because I always wanted to be a gymnast but didn't have the opportunity (or strength). They thought it was okay but too "structured".

Madeleine loves to swim. She is a natural in the water and slightly fearless. Swimming takes a little money and a lot of commitment. We do it leisurely.

Soccer/tee ball/all other team sports:
I'm a lame mom and never sign them up. I also don't really want to stand outside in the Seattle rain for hours on a Saturday morning while my kids get cold and wet in a field kicking a ball. I told you. I'm a lame mom.

Turns out what they really love is Parkour.  They do it at least once a week and have stuck with it for a good 8 months. We are hooked.

This weekend we tried something completely new. Wheelchair Basketball.
Thanks to Seattle Adaptive Sports Madeleine (and Max) got to try Wheelchair basketball (Dribble on Wheels Camp). They loved it. I mean... Loved it! My hope now is that they will continue to enjoy it and be disciplined enough to stick with it.

When Madeleine was born I heard a comment from an unnamed professional.... "It is probably a good thing she is a girl since she may be disappointed if she doesn't excel in sports." Michael and I were horrified by this but didn't say anything.
Another unnamed professional told me last year, "Get her involved in independent sports (swimming and parkour?) since one day she won't be able to keep up with her peers and my be disappointed." hmmm.

When Mad was born I thought, it may be hard for us since the doors of opportunity will be open for Max and may not be for Madeleine. I was wrong. It is the opposite. Max is not allowed to play "legally" yet he is the one who seems to enjoy it the most. Irony.

quote of the day from an amputee coach-

"I was active when I had my leg. After my amputation (due to a car accident) I continued to play basketball but I wasn't competing I was participating. I found wheelchair basketball and I knew that the guys weren't going easy on me. I found competition again."

*Oh, who is that other cute boy in the photos?  That is Logan. Our bestest buddy with a leggie.

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