Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Madeleine, on her fifth birthday

Dear Madeleine,
At 6:00 am you will be exactly five years old. I sit here wondering how that is even possible. How five years have flown by. You know that from the very start you were different. Somehow I knew this. I cannot explain how I always felt so protective. How I knew that with you I would have to hold on tight.
Half way through your new existence in my womb we found out about your leggie. I knew you would be okay but I never knew how fantastically awesome you would be! You were my little fearless fighter from day one. You came home first from the hospital. You were the first to nurse. Oh, how much I loved looking into your tiny and precious face. Your leg was different but inexplicably gorgeous and perfect for you. A tiny ballerina.
Now you have a super hero leg with super girl on it. This is not coincidence! You, my lovely, are a super girl! You amaze the people around you! You rode a two wheeler bike at four and a half. Now you have your eyes set on riding a unicycle! And I have no doubt that you will do that!
You are such a smarty, trying to read and spell new words. You love the freedom of writing and reading. I cannot wait to see you in kindergarten.
Although you have many friends you seem to stick to a few that really stand out for you. I know that Logan will always hold a special place.
At home you love to be active. You love to climb the rhododendron tree. You run, ride your bike, scooter and climb everywhere. You love love love to swim! And can swim on top and under water by yourself. I know that you will continue to be active and sporty your whole life and I admire this about you.
Madeleine, you never cease to amaze and surprise me. I love you my sweet with all that I am. There is no doubt that you were given to me for a reason. There is no doubt that you are on this earth to prove. I can't wait to see who you turn out to be as you have already exceeded all my expectations!
I love you, sweet baby girl, enjoy your special day of being five! I cannot wait for the fall when we have our endless mommy-days together.
I love you,

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