Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Max on his 5th birthday

Dear Max,
At 5:59 am you will turn exactly 5 years old. I sit here wondering how five years have gone by so quickly. It is like yesterday that you came out a perfect little tiny baby. It was yesterday when I held you in my arms afraid that I may not be able to take care of you. You struggled with eating, coming out of the womb too early. You seemed so frail then. Small, but perfect. Perfect and peaceful you were, such a sweet baby even then. So beautiful with your daddy's face. I searched your tiny features trying to find a piece of me... your eyes... we have the same eyes.

Now you are a big boy. You are beginning kindergarten in the fall. You are tall and lean and lovely. You are articulate with incredible expressive language, able to tell me your thoughts, feelings and wishes. He loves with his whole heart and knows what is right and wrong. He knows what it means to be a good citizen, to be a citizen of the world and what it means to be a good friend. I admire this in you.

In your fourth year you learned how to ride a bike. Your sister had already mastered it and you seemed intimidated. But now, now you can ride. You can glide with your two wheels and two pedals. You are very proud of yourself, as much as mommy and daddy are.

You love to keep journals. You do scientific observations on our fish, Sam, on plants and worms and slugs and bugs. You record their actions in illustrations and then pretend to write about them. I'm proud of you for paying such close attention to detail and understanding that the world is constantly changing and constantly interesting.

Your favorite thing to do is to play pretend games with your friend, Oliver, at school. I'm not sure what you play but I know you have fun. At home you play with Daddy. You play cars, and helicopters, and monsters and super heroes. Your imagination is endless.

Right now you love the magical world of Harry Potter, just like I had hoped you would. You and I share the wonder of the story. We are both enchanted by the idea of another world; I cannot wait to continue the journey with you as you grow.

Lately you have become interesting in building with Legos. We love that. We love your attention to it and your imagination that comes with it. Daddy and I love that you can spend hours building and playing.

Around the house you enjoy working in the garden with Mommy and cooking in the kitchen with Daddy. In fact, you are already a better cook than Mommy! If I give you a chore around the house to do I know that you will see it through. You have cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the floors, vacuumed, made the bed, folded the clothes and done the laundry.

Max, you are a better soul than I could have ever hoped for. You brighten my day and warm my heart. I appreciate your kindness and good attitude. I love that you can 'roll with the punches' and take things in stride. You are a good friend and a good brother. I cannot believe that I have been blessed with you for five years. I feel so fantastically lucky.

I love you, my son. Enjoy your special day and I cannot wait for us to be at the same school next year!

Macky, my love, you are my dream come true.

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