Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm shamelessly ripping these photos from my friend Martha, who is clearly a better photographer than I am.

I'm also super lame at uploading pictures of my kids from my camera.

What can I say... I have the cutest kids and not nearly enough time in my day to share them with the world via my blog.

They continue to amaze me with their brilliant wit and charming sense of humor.

One of the biggest new milestones is that they have begun to pretend.

No, I mean really pretend.

In the grocery store they pretended that the shopping cart was a fire truck. Every once in a while they would grab a random item from the shelf, olives, cereal, soup, and pretend was a tool to fix the broken fire truck.

More to come soon. I promise. It's just that it is almost ten o'clock and I have to put my daughter to bed.
Oh, yeah, the sleep thing? It is still an issue.


Katie said...

Yay for a post!! They are soooo cute ... and look so grownup.

Little Contents said...

I would say that I want to skip to a time when sleep isn't an problem anymore, but I'm afraid I would miss years of their lives!
Good luck!
Thanks for sharing the cute pics.