Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haircut for Max

My son has always had sparse hair. Michael is the same. It isn't as if Michael is balding, on the contrary he has a complete and full head of hair but the hair he has is very fine. Maxy is similar. While Madeleine was born with a complete head of hair Max merely had a sprout of fuzz.
He never really grew hair fully for a long time. I'm also one that is partial to the 'long hair on boys' look so I was in no hurry to cut his locks. Recently, though, it had gotten too long and scraggly so we took him to the hair dressers or paid the big bucks for him to sit in a car chair and have someone give him a trim. Here is the result...

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Jenna said...

He looks so handsome!And so serious while getting his cute!