Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Funny things Madeleine has said in the past week.

1. No, Tegan is best friend (when I suggested another friend to be the best).

2. I want to see Logan too (when Max suggested playing with Tegan).

3. Andrew's sad. (When discussing a child who fell at school. She said this about a hundred times over the weekend).

4. Doggies funny. Go Ruff Ruff Ruff. They're laughing.

5. It no works. (When pointing to her leggie) There is no foot there.

6. I no like tuna fish.

7. I love you, Daddy.


NerdyMom said...

How sweet!! I absolutely love kid talk. I walk around all day talking like Jordan. It's just fun that way.

BTW - thanks so much for the link.

Holly said...

i no likes tuna fish either