Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Funny things Max has said in the last week....

1. I have an idea (one finger up)

2. Mummy, I like blueberries. I like peas too. I like corn too.

3. I want a leggie too, like Madeleine.

4. I hears that. Is that a hellacopper or a hairpane?

5. It's dark. It's no light. The whole world is nigh-nigh. (This at 1 am)

6. Watch this, Madeleine. (doing anything silly)

7. Swiffer, where are you? (My son is obsessed with cleaning, if you didn't know that already. No one loves the wood floors at our house more than Max).

1 comment:

Winbrooke said...

tegan, max and madeleine should open a bed and breakfast. tegan can cook and max can clean. madeleine can greet the guests!