Thursday, May 8, 2008

clinic update

Apparently Dr. M was slightly worried that Madeleine would need another surgery to correct her knee. I did not know this. I thought she would have a procedure called an '8 plate' done to correct the valgusness of her knee when she is 5 or 6 years old. And, that still may need to take place.

Dr. M told me that he was concerned that he would see Madeleine and notice that her knee would be further 'knocked' and we would have to do another osteotomy, another spica cast, another recovery! ugh! Thank goodness we don't!

At Clinic Dr. M poked and prodded her little leggie and said that she was healed and her heal pad (the bottom of her leg) has held in place beautifully and that there doesn't seem to be any sensitivity or tenderness.

Greg and Peter (the other prosthetist) watched Madeleine run back and forth down the hall in order to see what I was seeing. A little bit of a hobble and a bit of a turned out knee on the prosthetic leg/knee. I misinterpreted this as needing an adjustment. You know what it was? Wait for it.....

Have you ever put on a pair of crocs? I haven't. But Madeleine has and she loves them. She will not take them off. I mean, the kid sleeps in them during nap times. She wakes up in the morning saying, "cwocks, cwockeees, cwocks". She has an adorable pair of these mostly ugly shoes. They are light blue and have a butterfly 'jibbitz' on the top.


Because Madeleine refuses to wear any other shoe she was wearing her crocs at her appointment. Greg noticed that she was swinging the prosthetic foot wide in order to clear the toes and the shoe is longer than the foot.

Frankly, I was worried and a bit embarrassed. What kind of mother am I? Putting my kid in shoes that made her walk funny? What if they don't let her wear them? What about the tantrums? She will be so sad?

But Childrens is Childrens and Greg is Greg and he goes for the easiest solution that still allows kids to have their freedom and fun. What did he do? You ask. He flipped the straps and Voila! She walks great now. She has her favorite shoes. She is a vision of fashion.


AnnaK said...

Hah! Who knew? Thank goodness for the simple fixes... You know, Lila loves her crocs as well -- Grandma got her a pair that are WAY too big, but that's all she wants to wear. She wipes out all the time, but I can't convince her to take them off. I'll have to try the strap adjustment. Thanks for the tip!

Lizzie said...

My kiddies love their crocs, Paddy has a dark blue pair, Georgie has light blue and Emma has a red pair for school, in fact half of the school seems to wear crocs. I am also informed by John there is a whole shop in town dedicated to crocs, who would of guessed, not me! The latest thing is getting little figures that you can attach through the holes, we seem to have a whole zoo happening!


Winbrooke said...

oh, we didn't discuss this! did he flip the small strap in the back and the big strap up front? I noticed it when I took her shoe off and tried to put on tegan/max's boots. she wanted to try them on. greg is Genuis!

Niki said...

Yep Brooke, that is what he did! Anna, you need to try it. Lila will probably walk better too.

Lizzie, how fun that there is a special store! Madeleine has a butterfly for the top. I guess we should get more since she thinks it is so cool.

So, I took the kids to the park tonight which has gravel instead of sand or woodchips. Madeleine would take a few steps and then sit down and empty her right shoe. She must have done this 16 times! It was so funny. I brought another pair of shoes for her to wear but she wouldn't have it!

Kelley said...

Although MeiMei LOOOVES her flip flops, running a close second are her Crocs which as you can imagine, she just can't walk in very well. I finally had to hide them in the back of a cabinet. Yes, I'm a mean mommy.

Katie said...

Love these shoes ... cute story.