Monday, March 31, 2008


Have you ever seen Seattle in the Spring? Sure, we get a lot of rain but in the end that means that we have the most beautiful flowers, trees and lawns you ever did see. There is an amazing phenomenon that happens at the University of Washington campus every spring, usually during spring break: the hundred year old cherry trees blossom. It is fabulous. Last weekend we took the kids to see the trees. *** Emotional Parent Moment *** When I was a student I always dreamed of taking my kids there and taking pictures of them running along the paths and gazing at the trees. sigh.

The incredible Quad at the UW.

A snap shot of the wonderful trees.
Max and Madeleine ready to go to College. They are "gifted" you know.

Proud Daddy and Son

My beautiful Madeleine, with her adorable new hair-do, cutie tights and fabulous smile!

Max: Full Steam Ahead!

Maxy under the tree and loving life! His smile is contagious and as Michael would say, "he has the best disposition in the history of dispositions and little boys"

Balancing on the 'wall' and holding Daddy's hand.

"To the Tree! To the Tree" (a quote from Go Dog, Go. There was a dog party there, you know)


Martha said...

Too cute. Love Madeleine's haircut and tights.... again... she must have a good style consultant.... Max looks like a GIANT baby!!! I think it's the FULL GRILL of teeth he has!!! Dang! Your baby's a MAN!!

;) Auntie Marthie

Niki said...

Ha Ha, Marthie! Max does still look like a baby thanks to the fair blonde and barely there hair. He did have a little snip done from Mommy the other day. I was tired of people talking behind his back about his "comb over" (eye roll). You know, Michael and I do refer to Maxy as a "grown-ass baby".