Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New pictures for fun

Max and Madeleine play "school" at the Woodland Park Zoo's safari and Africa exhibit.
Playing Dress-Up! What would we do without ten thousand strings of gaudy Mardi Gras Beads!
Maxy hamming it up for the camera.
Madeleine wearing her sunglasses at night. Just call her Corey Hart.
Max pretending to play on the computer- shirtless of course.
How great are my children? Let's just count the ways for a bit...

Reasons they are great:

1. They are twins

2. They are miracles (as are all children)

3. They are funny

4. They have fabulous senses of humor

5. They play with each other

6. They love to give kisses to Michael, me and each other

7. They find joy in things that most people do not notice (mud puddles, a near-by crow, clean sheets being folded, Dr. Suess, candy and the list goes on)

8. They love music

9. They have a new appreciation for Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music

10. They are always thinking

11. They love baths and call them "bapths"

12. They bring so much love to the house

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Katie said...

Your kiddos are sooooo cute!! They are looking so grown up!