Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Madeleine went to her post-op appointment on Wednesday. It has been almost six months exactly since her surgery and I cannot believe how well she is doing! We went to see the entire team at Children's: the nurse, the surgeon, the prosthetist and the physical therapist. We were there a long time, three hours.

Two toddlers + Three hours in an exam room = Chaos

Here is what we learned in a nutshell:
  • No, she is not in pain. There is no phantom limb pain/sensation in small children
  • Her leg may be itchy after we take off the prosthesis because it gets very hot in there. Also, she has a little crease on the top of her shin where the dimple was and the incision was made- that can get squeezed together and get a little uncomfortable if the prosthesis is tight and hot.
  • She is doing well.
  • She has grown and we raised her leg up one more centimeter.
  • She has slimmed down on the top of her leg a big so we brought in the foam liner.
  • Max likes to color on walls, much to my embarrassment.
  • If I notice that she can move her heel pad (the bottom of her leg) I should call and get her seen as Dr. Mosca will have to take out a chunk of her achilles tendon. Ouch.
  • Her scar tissue looks good.
  • We met another Madeleine there who also needs lots of surgeries but is doing well and very cute.

All and all, we are happy with the appointment and glad to be all done.

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jenna said...

I'm so glad she is ok. This journey is such a learning experience isn't it! I hope she sleeps well for you over the holidays.