Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gym Shopping

It is time for me to become a member of a health club again.

Long gone are my college days of the super sweet gym on campus where I would run, lift weights in the private girls-only weight room and then finish the routine with a swim. I attended step classes there and used their running track that ran above the basketball courts and rock climbing wall.

I quit working out at the gym when I became pregnant and was told by my doctor to walking slowly and for not a long time lest I go into labor. Which, of course, happened even without working out.

After the delivery of the Ms I vowed to walk my hiney off with them in the stroller in order to save the $35 a month dues. I walked some but not consistently. I then bought my double jogger in order to make running with them easier. Easier it is to run with them but hard as hell it is to take the sucker out of our storage unit and get the babes in it while I'm by myself.

Yoga, I have gotten books and videos in order to do Yoga at home but what happens instead is that I get tired when the babies go to sleep and end up blogging or watching saved "Grey's Anatomy" episodes.

It is time, Lord. It is time to get my booty back to the gym and get reacquainted with treadmill.

Here's the plan:
  1. Wake up in the am and take my lovely husband to work (because I am that kind of wife).
  2. Go to the gym with the babes.
  3. They play in the daycare and I run run run off my muffin top.
  4. Max and Madeleine have heaps of fun working off their energy playing with new germy toys at the gym.
  5. I sweat.
  6. Go home.
  7. Put babies to bed for a nap.
  8. Shower.
  9. Continue with our day knowing that I have done something good for myself.

Good plan, eh? I'm going now, as the babies are napping and Miguel is chilling, to various gyms in my neighborhood to scope out the best. I'm looking for:

  1. Clean equipment
  2. Clean daycare with good hours
  3. Nice people working in the day care
  4. Cost effective day care
  5. Plenty of Parking

Wish me luck!


christie said...

hi I have a parent who goes to a gym that has a child care inside. she is really happy with it. when I get back to work I will ask her what it is called.

Martha said...


Niki said...

Day 1 of new gym plan = success.

I joined a gym yesterday and worked out today. Ran 3 miles and did some abdominals. I was surprised by my endurance but man, are my legs going to KILL tomorrow.