Sunday, July 7, 2013

...Introducing the FIFTH Leggie!

This past week Madeleine met her fifth leggie. This one is special because it is her first that has a more 'mechanical' feel to it. The 'ankle pipe' is exposed making it look more like a prosthesis.  I would be lying if I said that Michael and I weren't a little hesitant. She always gets so many looks and comments anyway and this new sight would evoke more stares.
Clearly Mad likes it just fine.


Sarah L said...

It's beautiful! The pipe may make it more conspicuous, but if it's more functional, then the most noticeable thing will be all of the amazing things she'll be able to do with it!

Niki said...

What's interesting Sarah is that I just remarked on how she gets less comments and stares. I think because it is more obvious as to what it is. But then, yesterday... boom. And today so many comments and stares. Poor kid.