Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday letters to my 7 year olds

On the eve of their birth I'm once again overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings and a little bit of heart break. First, where did seven years go?!? How is it possible that seven years ago I was in the hospital falling asleep not knowing that my water would break around 2 am and my babies would be born 5 hours later. In some ways seven years ago feels like yesterday- not much has changed. We have the same friends, live in the same town, work the same job (pretty much). Michael and I are still married (happily). etc. etc.

Tonight, after frosting cupcakes with my almost seven year olds I told them I had to write their letter tonight. Max didn't even know that we had a family blog. (yikes, I should keep up on that more!) And Madeleine was surprised and excited that she gets a letter written to her every year that she can read when she is, "ten or twenty or something" (her words).


Dear Max,
I can't believe you are seven years old. Even though you are so tall and so strong you still seem like my baby. Sometimes when I look at your face I feel like I can see that chubby baby face. Like one of the holographic images, that if I turn it just right I get to go back to 2006 and see my little boy.

You amaze me everyday. You have accomplished things that I have never imagined you could do at six. But, mostly I am overwhelmed by the kind of human you have become. You are kind and easy-going, you have a fabulous imagination and you are a good friend. I don't care so much as to what level you are reading (which, by the way is over a year ahead of schedule!) or if you can do first grade algorithms. What I care about is that you are a kind and social friend. That you have good manners, you can make friends easily and you are independent. I appreciate that about you.

Here's another thing... You have such a good imagination! You can play with anything and create wild and amazing stories and scenarios. I love that about you! I love that two sticks and a stone can turn into a universe for you. Never lose that spirit, Max. Never lose that imagination and creativity.

Your other trademark is easy transitions.... that doesn't sound like much but it is HUGE! If something doesn't go your way you easily say, "oh well, maybe next time". This skill is so important and appreciated.This will serve you well in the future. It is a trait more people should have.

I'm so proud of you. You love your sister, your Star Wars toys, and your stuffies. You like climbing the rhododendron tree in the yard. You enjoy playdates with your friends where you pretend to be Alien or Monster hunters. You are active and curious.

I love you Maxie, you are my brilliant baby boy. I'm proud of who you are and who you will become.

Happy Birthday!

Love Mom


Dear Madeleine,
Wow, what a ride! This past year has been full of the highest of highs and some very super lows. Here's what I know....
-you are wonderful
-you are beautiful
-you are a driven athlete
-you are a sensitive person
-you are a good friend
-you are a bright student
-you are creative
-you love rules and structure
-you love animals and babies

Life can be hard for a kid with a leggie and you take this in stride! You are proud of your accomplishments! Who wouldn't be!?! You ride a unicycle, swim, run, bike, and climb. Anything you put your mind to you do it. I admire this about you.

My heart hurts for your challenges. You tend to be anxious and worried. I hate that for you. You get a LOT of comments and questions about your leg. I hate that too. You seem to feel you need to prove everything. I'm sorry for that. I hope and hope and hope that your self-esteem doesn't suffer in the future. Don't every settle for status quo, go high! Go beyond! You have that spirit!

You are my world. My amazing girl. I love you Madders. You will shake it up. You will make great things happen. I know this.

Happy Birthday!


Why am I crying!!? I feel like the luckiest girl! My prayers (that were prayed so often) were granted. I have two beautiful and marvelous children. Gosh, I won the jackpot! After infertility, disability, prematurity, we came out on top!

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