Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leggies Here and Leggies There

You know what tomorrow is? The new Leggie's birthday. It has been one year, 3 months and 9 days since Madeleine got her first Leggie and here we are ready for a new one. Madeleine is very much looking forward to it, as am I. The old leg has become a bit uncomfortable and has been falling off frequently. The new one should match the size and shape of her unaffected leg more.

Check this out:

Madeleine's first leggie


Jenna said...

We can't wait to see and welcome her new leggie! What a day to celebrate. i hope the change goes smoothly for you all.

Whitney said...

That is so exciting!! I'm actually shocked that her first one lasted so long. Congratulations, Madeleine! (Any chance you'll go for color this time...Reid suggests rainbow stripes! :-) )

BethGo said...

That leg is so cute!

That sounds weird I know but...oh is what it is.

Hope the new leggie is fantastic.

Niki said...

Whitney, hope your marathon went well today. I thought of you all :)
Yep, this leggie lasted for over a year. I guess 9 - 18 months is average for a young child. We did go with some color this time. Stay tuned... We talked about stripes but Madeleine chose something else.

I do think Reid's leg is wonderful.

I know, Beth, I think that leg was super cute too. In the beginning it was so small and clean. Now it is a lot different!