Monday, November 17, 2008

Justin Roberps

Have you heard of this guy? His name is Justin Roberts and he is like, the coolest musician for kids ever! Madeleine calls him Justin Roberps, the title of this post is not a typo.

So, we have been listening to JR's music for a while but we finally got to see him live! We went to the show last Friday and it was truly fantastic. This was the first time that Madeleine and Max had ever been to a live performance. Heck, any time they have been to any performance, they have never even been to a movie!

Before the show. Max wanted to play Justin's guitar, he kept asking to play with the 'toys up there'.

During the show they kids were mesmerized, smitten and enthralled. Madeleine danced a bit and sang along with Justin. It was the neatest thing!

Madeleine getting ready to bust a move.

The band and the mosh pit in front.

The kids' favorite song is probably "Imaginary Rhino" on the Meltdown CD. Here's a clip of Justin singing it live last summer, I presume.

This is Madeleine and Max's version of the same song. By the way, Michael and I listen to this song all day and all night and in our dreams too.


Jenna said...

Oh I love the "come on, come on"! You kids are such great singers!

Martha said...

OMG.... That is the cutest thing yet... HILARIOUS... I'm peeing my pants.


Anonymous said...

Rock On Cutie Pies! :) So adorable! I'll have to check this guy out, my turkeys are into Dan Zane lately, better then Barney for sure! hehe! :)

Niki said...

Justin has Dan Zane hugely beat! Although I can appreciate Dan I don't love it the way I love JR. And yes, it beats the hell out of Barney!!!

Marth, I know too funny, huh? Just wait till you get here...

Thanks again for your help today, Jenna.