Monday, November 3, 2008


Madeleine has a new obsession: gymnastics.

She asks for it daily and nightly. She LOVES it.

I wasn't sure about getting her involved. I have to shamefully admit. I thought it would be trying too hard. It is also expensive- especially if you have twins.

We happened to find Seattle Gymnastics Academy and their 'indoor playground' and she is hooked. When we first came I told one of the 'teachers/gymnasts' about her prosthesis. I added that it didn't hold her back and we were hopeful that she would find her way to the paralympics. The gymnast/teacher corrected me by saying, "or the Olympics". You're hired!

For the record: Max thinks gymnastics is pretty great too.


Jenna said...

We want to go with you sometime, we love gymnastics!!!

Lizzie said...

My girls love gym too, and yes it is soooooo expensive. For the summer we are doing athletics it is only $60 for the three of them for the whole summer!! Bargain, and it is good for them too! Yay you have to love that.

BethGo said...

That is so cool.

Go Maddie!

Today, a parent at Riley's preschool asked me how we taught him to do everything with a limb difference, because he's so capable and all.

I told her we didn't teach him anything.
He taught us.

Martha said...

OMG.. they are sooooo friggin' cute. I might eat them for Thanksgiving...mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Melissa said...

So adorable! How fun it must be to watch your cute little gymnists! Love your new header pic too :)