Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny of the day

Everyday my kids crack me up. Seriously, I laugh so hard. The only other person that makes me laugh like that is my husband. I sure am one lucky lady to have so much funny in my life!

Max while I'm trying to sweep up all remnants of play-doh:
Mom, get that dirt right there. No, Mom, right there. Here... (pointing)
Good job, Mom.
Now mommy you get this here, don't forget that piece, there.
I hold the dust bin.
Don't forget to wash it. I help.

Madeleine while seeing a dog sitting in the front seat of a car:
Mommy, look at that doggie right there.
He is in the car, he is going to drive the car, mommy.
That dog is so funny, mommy! I want to see more doggies in cars.

Funny from yesterday:
After Madeleine pooped in her potty on her own volition Max said:
"I want to see Madeleine's poop. Oh Madeleine, it's a tiny one, good job.

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Maggie said...

This has made my morning! Thanks for the laughs!