Thursday, October 23, 2008


It isn't a myth that there is a bond between twins. Perhaps every sibling has that bond, I know my sister and were very close growing up. But still, I think there is something special with siblings who are developmentally the same age; who have literally spent every moment of their lives with each other.

Max and Madeleine argue. They fight over toys, food, me, Michael, space, you name it. But they always turn to each other first for a laugh (seriously, they crack each other up!), a hug, a kiss, a snuggle, a game and a friend.

One of the sweetest things is the hand holding and hugging. If Madeleine is sad and Max is near she turns to him for a hug. I have a rule that while in a parking lot we all hold hands, usually the twins do this willingly.

The new thing is holding hands in the car. I finally got a picture of it....



Jenna said...

The sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life was at the park when Madeleine got sad, and ran into MAx's arms for comfort. HE just held her, hugged her and gave her so much love. I think Brooke and I started crying! Love you all, and miss you like crazy!

Katie said...

That is SO precious!!

twin power mommy said...

that is....soooooo....sweet!
I love when my girls love on each other...which is quite often.

I think with identical twins that bond is even stronger and they share something that no one else can.

My girls are inseperable. I like it, but i don't. I love knowing that they'll always have each other, but somedays i wish they'd branch out and be friends with other kids.
They are lifers!

tmezzy said...

That is so incredibly ADORABLE! Twins are so very special. . .and YOUR twins take the cake!

What's even neater, is the fact that they learned that adorable loving behavior from the love you and your husband share with them.

Your family is TOO stinkin' cute!

NerdyMom said...

Oh my goodness! Those are the sweetest freaking pictures!!! I think I'm going to stop surfing the web, go to bed and keep those images happily in my head. :-)