Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Year in Review

I'm not sure I have ever done this before...written a year in review. However, since I am no longer a regular blogger I feel that this is thus fitting.
In truth, I'm overwhelmed with how I could possibly write about our year. How do I detail everything? The big vacation and the minutia? How can I possibly try to detail how our life is now compared to earlier in the year. Days pass by like minutes.

My resolution for 2014 is to blog or write down, or journal big moments because the truth is... I can't remember them.

Big things:
Madeleine started seeing a therapist in January. She was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This is hard to talk about. I don't want to invade her privacy but think, as an educator, this needs to be discussed and addressed. I actually see a lot of students with GAD.  Madeleine has the whole gamut. Separation, social, paranoia, everything. This is a whole other blog post. My thoughts continue though, is this a manifestation of her disability of is this how she is and would be whether or not she had Fibular Hemimelia? If my girl were born "normal" or "typical" and not had surgery at 12 months old would she still have anxiety? Would she still worry like she does? One will never know...

In June my babies left 1st grade. wow. That gentle year where you know your kids are loved and protected and their academic progress means 'not as much'. They left two extraordinary teachers and left behind great friends. It was a good year.

July brought us Camp No Limits. Through your generous donations we had the time of our lives. Really. I cannot express to you how much my girl gets out of this trip. It is so much more than "camp". She meets people that are exactly like her. She gets advice and comfort and inspiration from these people. It is really quite incredible.

This summer Michael and I did something we haven't done is a VERY long time. We returned to Michigan. It was lovely. No Michigan I have ever known. We visited Grandma Bobbie, who is like, the coolest Grandma EVAH! We met cousins and Aunts and Uncles that the twins never knew existed. Mad bonded with her cousin Chloe who is mentioned often is communication. The twins loved Aunt Pam, Uncle "farty" Marty, Aunt Midege, Aunt Misti, Aunt Ginger, Aunt Misti, Aunt Becky, Cousin Nathan, Shelby, Blake, Marty, Chloe, and Peyton. We missed Bryan but relished in dog play and camaraderie.  It soothed my long lost heart. I mention this because I discovered something last summer that I didn't know I missed. I missed my home and my family. My kids missed their kin and that family bond.  We will be back! My childhood revisited and it was like medicine for my soul. THANK YOU ALL- I LOVE YOU!

After our lower Michigan family was visited we traveled north and found a Michigan I never knew exited. Northern Michigan is a secret. It is paradise on earth- don't tell anyone.  My dad and his wife, Melissa hosted us in their lovely home and showed us a place that was truly amazing. We swam in crystal clear lakes, we swam in blue clean and warm lakes and the twins caught fish!

Back to school- and can I say... My children have been given the best teachers anyone could ask for!!! They are thriving and learning and growing. Any parent's dream! Thank you Ms. Colando and Ms. Leckie, I feel you truly know my children and what they value. You honor their interests and personality. Thank you.

I know there is so much in between, swim birthdays, Halloween, little trips and such.  I'm so thankful for all of those experiences but am most thankful for those key people in my children's lives. I'm thankful for the love and support and enrichment.

And now... We had a lovely Christmas. I've had an even better holiday break with my family. I have gotten to 're-know' my kids. Madeleine and I have had long conversations about growing up and friends. Max and I have played star wars in the best kid kinda way.I have made rock candy, grown crystals, and made new friends with doggies.  It is vacations like this which make me think we could hang out at home forever! But they would miss friends and I would miss the children that I teach....

Allow me to express tonight, on the last day of the year- I'm proud of my family. We are not famous or wealthy, we are not extravagant or supremely social but we are good. We enjoy each other. We eat and play and confide. What more could I ask for!? I'm excited for 2014. I wish it to bring the same excitement, love and comfort the last year brought!

tee ball!

swim birthday party!

get that kid a puppy!


Misti and Nathan!

get that puppy a kid!

cousins! Mad and Chloe are besties!

Max and Peyton!

Mackinac Island Ferr


still in love after all these years

who is licking who? #grandma Bobbie!


Molly Meck said...

You are an amazing mom, Nikki! And on top of that an incredible teacher and friend. Happy New Year!

Molly Meck said...

You are an amazing mom Nikki! Happy new year!