Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Max is a friend magnet. He made so many friends his first day. He is compliant and polite. He loves the three aquatic turtles in his classroom. He told me that if he knew how fun kindergarten would be he would have wanted to go there earlier and we wouldn't have been so nervous. 

Madeleine had a very hard drop off. In fact, I couldn't drop off.  She clung to me shaking, sobbing. She was terrified. I stayed with her for a while and then Michael came and hung out with her. Eventually, an hour after school started he was able to leave her.

Rachel, Mad's kindergarten teacher, started the morning off with having the kids come to the carpet and sit in a circle.  She asked if anyone knew what the word, "unique" meant. Some students volunteered answers like "it means fancy" or "special". Rachel totally went with it. And told them we are all unique and have to get to know each other and what makes us special. She discussed her own unique things and talked about others that she knew. She asked if someone wanted to share what is unique about them. A few students raised their hands, Mad was one of them. She complimented Madeleine on raising her hand well and being patient and then asked what she would like to share.

Madeleine's words:
"You see this thing on my leg? I have to wear it because I was missing a bone in my leg, the fiblia (fibula). My leg didn't grow very well when I was in my mom's belly and now I wear this and I have to wear it everyday.  It is called a prosthesis. I can hop really well. (to Rachel...) May I get up and show the kids how I can hop?"

She proceeded to do Tree Pose and then hopped all around the room and then it was done.

Since then other kids have asked.... she is tired of the questions. I will go in next week and talk to all the other classes.

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