Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Huge is big?

Really huge.
Just big.

So, we all went to Ikea today to pick up a few things. Nothing major, killing time, getting decorating ideas, buying kids dishes etc. and I saw this huge pregnant woman. She was major big. She was a pretty girl, not very old, maybe 30 and she was pregnant in a big way. She looked like she was a medium build and probably had a pretty cute athletic body when she wasn't pregnant but now.... woah!

I stared. I couldn't help it.

I asked Michael if I looked like that when I was pregnant and he confirmed. What!? He admitted that in the beginning I was cute and preggo but toward the end I was huge and big and I don't know what else.

It's a good thing I'm almost back to normal and I have two adorable kids to show for it!


Jenna said...

I think you look amazing pregnant!!!Wihs we were friends then so I could rub that belly

Katie said...

I kinda think pregnancy stops being cute right around 34 weeks. Then it turns into huge and more huge. :) Of course, I LOVE that picture of you in the flowers.