Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I have been doing lately....

I know I am loooong overdue to update. Here's what I have been up to:

1. Working- I have managed to launch a fairly successful consulting biz, even in today's economy. I'm swamped with students/clients and very happy to serve.

2. The nanny gets the benefit of nap time- The kids are sleeping later and I'm working earlier, therefore I don't have as much time as I use to.

3. I've been researching preschools and programs for 3 year olds- don't get me started on over-priced preschools that claim that they have an 'enriching curriculum'. Seriously, spending $1200 per month for two to three days of 3 hour 'play school'.... puhleeze.

4. I got sucked into the Twilight saga- need I saw more?

5. I've gotten sucked into watching nearly every speech President Obama does- I still cannot get over this, it deserves its own post.

6. Seattle Snow- didjah know that Seattle was paralyzed under a blanket of snow during the holidays? It sucked. I moved to the city so that I could avoid the snow.

7. Michael set us up with a brand spankin new computer- I was holding out to use the 'insert memory card here' feature.


How are the kids, you ask? They are marvelous. They are the cutest, brightest, most musical, little artists you have ever seen. They keep me moving and keep me laughing. Not a day goes by that Michael and I don't share the funniest freaking story about them. Here's a few:

a) Max sat up this morning with a gasp and uttered a small "oh". When I asked him what was up he said, "Where are the firemen? I thought there were firemen here" He was dreaming!

b) Madeleine made up a new word: googie

c) Max told me that he couldn't take his medicine because it didn't feel good on his throat.

d) Madeleine pronounced that she needs to take Swimming Lessons and then she mimics swimming while roaming around the room.

e) Max made up a song about his orange fish. It goes a little like this:
His name is Orange Fluffy
He's a puppet
Orange Fluffy is so cute

I swear, they are a hoot and a hollar!

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BethGo said...

I can't remember where you live but do you have co-op preschools in your area? Riley currently attends the co-op his brother went to (I used to teach here too). I work in his class one day a week and have other commitments but the tuition is $105 a month and they have chickens!

Here is a link to our school.

Do you have anything like this? Maybe your nanny could do the work day?
Regardless, I know it is tough to find a good preschool. Good luck.