Thursday, August 7, 2008

Siffies and Musgick

My babies are growing up. sigh. They are in the full two years old mode now. They talk, they walk, they climb, they hit, they yell, they scream, they tantrum (Madeleine particularly) and they give very sweet kisses.

Max talks like he has been doing it his whole life. He narrates everything. Yesterday I heard him in his bed ask Madeleine if she wanted him to sing Row Row [your boat] or Round and Round [the wheels on the bus go]. She chose Round and Round. This is how it went:

"Madeleine, you want row row or round and round for singing?"

Two days ago he gave Madeleine a broom and said:

"Madeleine, here, Madeleine, you sweep, you clean up, like this (demonstration) and I vaccuum. There, all clean, good job Madeleine!"

Earlier today Max said:

"Mommy, I'm poopy. Max pooped. You change diaper. Okay, Mommy? Okay?"

Madeleine talks a lot but she isn't as conversative as Max. She does say funny things and she certainly can tell me what she wants. Usually it involves seeing Tegan or Logan or going to the pool or putting on her bathing suit. She often talks about her leggie. Lately we have talked a lot about Oscar Pistorius. Madeleine calls him Oscar or Guy with Two Leggies. She says that she can run fast like Oscar but she only has one Leggie. It goes like this:

"Guy with two Leggies, run fast! Like Madeleine, Madeleine run fast with one leggie too."

While Max is my talker Madeleine is my mover. Seriously folks, my kid can climb. She can run. She can swim. She has now mastered jumping. Oh sure, she can jump in place, hop and jump forward. She can stand on one leg (either her leggie or her actual leg, she can do both) but she can also jump off a step, curb, block, stool, anything. I watched my girl launch herself from a height of two feet today. She landed mostly on her feet and popped up to do it again.

So, how do I know that my kids are still babies? Because Max still calls Fish Siffies or simply sif. awww. And Madeleine will request Musgick meaning music.


Jenna said...

Look at that beautiful picture! I just love your babies so much!

NerdyMom said...

What awesome stories of the kids. I will start hunting for leggies on the web. I'm really impressed with her understanding of leggies and how other people use leggies. Jordan rarely comments on her little arm or her prosthetic. Maybe I should try to find more pictures for her too!

I absolutely love how Max talks to Madeleine. The twin relationship is amazing.

twin power mommy said...

i just love the way kiddos talk at this age and stage.
Eli never ceases to amaze me at what he knows and what he is continually learning.
I liked reading about how max was interacting with madeleine. Their bond will be something special. I love the bond my girls have.I think sometimes it might be too close, but i love it nonetheless!