Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Almost one!

I can't believe the twins will be one next month! Where did the time go? They are crawling and nearly walking. They continue to amaze me. They now do pat-a-cake, so00 big, blow kisses, wave bye bye and Maxy is starting to stand on his own. No steps alone yet but super fast around furniture or holding onto hands. Madeleine pulls herself up on her one little leg. She tries to walk which is amazing to me as it seems the body just does what it is "suppose" to.

What is even more impressive is the way that they relate to each other. They are social and happy. They smile at appropriate times and laugh at one another. Right now their favorite game is binky swap. They both sit on my lap and pull out each others' binks and then put the other ones' in their mouths and laugh hysterically. Today Madeleine tried to take out Maxy's and he held on with his teeth and she thought it was the funniest thing on earth!


Jenna said...

WOW! 1 already, where does the time go? Im so glad to have met your family and become friends. Your family is such a blessing to ours. The babies are so happy, healthy and soooo beautiful! I cant wait for more entries!

Michael said...

I cannot believe our babies are almost one!